3 Tips to Follow to Help You Choose the Right Metal Barricade

Metal barricades are a stable, everlasting and highly effective way to control the crowd. Public schools, brick and mortar businesses, universities, government buildings, and event management companies tend to use the metal barricades for creating boundaries and manage the crowds. But, nit all metal barricades are the same. They are available in a lot of sizes, have types of feet that grip certain kinds of lands, are available in a lot of colors and are made with different heights. If you are not sure which crowd control barriers to buy, this article is for you.

  1. Rent or buy?

For many, the cost of buying metal barricades may feel like a fortune, when you compare it with the renting costs. When you make any financial decisions for your business, you must consider which option is the most cost effective in the long run. If you will be using them for the rest of the business life, then you may want to buy them. When it comes to renting, you may need around 20 barricades and the costs of delivery, setup, and removal. If going DIY with the barricade placement, then the rental services will charge you the related service fee as the part of the rental package.

  1. Length of the barricade

Then, you need to consider the length. Always buy the ones that have the same length. The storage carts are perfect when you have uniform metal barriers. When they are of varying lengths, they cannot be stacked up against one another and will move around when the cart moves. The ideal length will be determined on the basis of if you are setting up a queue or a barrier. When it comes to the former, buy 6.5 ft or 7.5 ft barricades. The smaller lengths are great for winding queue for creating tight corners. When setting up a barrier, buy 8.5 ft. barricades. The longer the barricades are, the less you may need to set for your barrier which is advantageous when setting up a long straight line.

  1. Barricade height

There are two barricade heights to consider: standard or 3.5 ft and extra tall or 6 ft. Mostly the standard height barricades are enough for the crowd control needs. But if you are in a tough crowd control situation such as a crowd surge, or if you need to protect the people from a construction site hazard, the extra tall barricades are always a better option.

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