4 Benefits of Choosing a Bespoke Suit

If you are wondering how the experience of purchasing a bespoke suit differs from that of an off the rack or made to measure suit, read on. There are many, many advantages of a bespoke suit.

  1. Personalised patterns – the main difference between a bespoke and off the rack suit is that with a bespoke piece, the pattern is created for the individual. This is essential in allowing the tailor to create a piece that fits perfectly. It allows tailors to adapt the suit to the exact proportions of the customer’s body. It gives the tailor the chance to master their art by creating a suit that is perfectly tailored for the individual.
  1. Customization – in bespoke tailoring, there really is an almost unlimited number of custom alterations that can be offered to the customer. This means the customer can buy a one-off piece that is unique to them and their personality. All manner of customizations can be catered for, from the type of fabric used, to how many buttons on the sleeve.
  1. Showcasing your personal style – there is always a limit to how much your personal style can be represented by off the rack clothes. Bespoke suits factory suppliers allow the customer to take control of the design of their suit to showcase their personality in the garments they wear. There are a few ways that one’s personality can be conveyed through the design of a bespoke suit, including:
  • Colour – being able to choose a colour that reflects your personality is important for anyone considering paying such a high price tag for designer gear.
  • Collar design – depending on your face structure, you may want to choose a shirt that has a conventional point, a spread point, or even a button-down collar.
  • Pockets – How many you want will depend on what you will be using the suit for. Do you want a pocket in the shirt? How about the jacket and trousers? How many inside pockets do you want?
  1. Your suit will last longer – these days, in such a consumer-driven world, you should buy smarter, and not be overly put off by the high price tag. Buying clothes from a reputable bespoke tailor, that have been crafted especially for you, means that your clothes will fit you well so that they will become a part of you and will last a great deal longer than an off-the-rack suit that ‘almost’ fits well.

Choosing to buy a bespoke suit will never be a bad decision, and there’s no better way to look your best.

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