A Perfect Summertime Shoe Shopping Guide For Men

Spring is already here and soon we will be well into summertime. This simply means that our wardrobes call for a revamp once again. Interestingly, the approach followed by men and women is completely different when it comes to upgrading their wardrobe. While women are always confused with the overwhelming variety of options out there, the men on the other side are always short of choices.

For men, choosing a right kind of footwear, which is comfortable and trendy both is some sort of a necessity as most of them are the victim of smelly and sweaty feet during hot summer days. As we are just few days away from excruciatingly hot summers, it is better to make our feet summer ready soon. Here are a few tips for men to get right kind of footwear in their closets.

Flip-Flops: This footwear showcases the fashion fad of summer time. They are easy to wear, airy, and comfortable. Since men footwear fashion has undergone a whirlwind of transformation in the past two decades, the regular flip-flops or sandals are finally being escalated with the alluring designs as well. The new trends in this particular category include gladiators, strappy, ropes, and gladiators with tie-ups. One could have never imagined that a regular pair of flip-flops can come in so many shades and prints. Make sure you scroll through the collection of Puma showrooms in Delhi when you plan to get one.

Formal Shoes: As far as men’s formal shoes are concerned, prefer to buy them from only the reputed brands in the market such as Rosso Brunello. Reserve them only for formal occasions as wearing them as casuals can put a lot of pressure on your feet. If you wish you can also switch them with canvas or suede in order to feel more comfortable. Formal shoes are for important days. Hence, make sure that you have the best in this category.

Loafers: Inspired from the season independent moccasins, loafers are a perfect amalgamation of comfort and style. Pair them with denims and a light shaded shirt and it would take your casual look to a whole together different level. The best thing about loafers is that they can never go wrong. Take out your pick from quirky colors like red, blue, yellow and green. Experiment with different outfits and create some random combinations to make a fashion statement this summer.

Canvas Shoes: As far as shoes for men are concerned, canvas shoes are the most casual yet trendy of them all. You can choose from a range of options to define your personality. This summer, canvas shoes are the fashion style statement and for hot sunny days they are just more than perfect.

Boots: Who can even think about wearing boots in this excruciating heat? But let’s admit it nothing is more stylish than boots when it comes to make a fashion statement. Pack a pair of boots if you are planning to go to a hill station this summer. Don’t forget to pair it with tapered jeans and a leather jacket.

If you are in Delhi, head straight to Select Citywalk mall and explore the variety of shoes that you can flaunt this season.

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