Canvas Shoe Care Tips That Would Make Your Shoes Last Longer

Caring for your canvas shoes is important if you want them to last long. You would have spent a lot of time trying to find the best brands available in the industry to before ordering your canvas shoes. You would have even spent a lot of money on expensive casual shoes for men thinking that they will last long. However, if you do not care for your shoes and if you do not spend enough time cleaning your shoes regularly, all your prior efforts would only go wasted. Here are a few canvas shoe care and maintenance tips that you would find useful.

Irrespective of whether you have purchased mens canvas slip on shoes or canvas regular summer shoes with lace, your shoes are exposed to different types of conditions based on how and when you use them. Some of us use our canvas shoes only when go for casual walks. If your walking trails are clean and if you are walking only on pedestrian footpaths in your neighbourhood then your shoes are not exposed to any serious dirt or any extreme conditions. Cleaning your shoes in such a situation is relatively easy. You need not have to worry too much about cleaning. Something as simple as running tap water on the shoes would do the trick. Do not unnecessarily use any harsh chemical based soaps, cleaning agents or detergents on your canvas shoes if they are uncalled for. Just ensure that you clean your shoes regularly. After running clean water on your shoes, place them in a shady place for them to dry. Do not put the shoes under direct sun for the entire day. If you try to dry your canvas shoes under fierce sun for the entire day, the shoes would warp and their new looks will disappear. Shade-drying is the best way to dry your wet shoes.

If your canvas shoes are exposed to mud and dirt, allow the mud to dry up fully before you start cleaning them. There is wisdom in waiting here. When the mud dries, it is easy to remove them from the surface of your canvas shoes. Dried mud will fall of when you tap the shoes together or on some hard surface. If you start cleaning the shoes when the mud is still wet, then it will get stuck in the pores of the canvas material and make it hard to clean further.

In case your canvas shoes are stained from grease or oil, try to clean it as soon as possible without letting the oil or grease to dry or spread. Soap based cleaning agents should be used to loosen the oil particles from the surface of the canvas shoes.

Canvas shoe cleaning need not be as difficult as you think. Just have a regular cleaning schedule or after each use that calls for cleaning such as a muddy walk. When storing your shoes between the summers, stuff them with old newspaper so that they retain their shape.

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